#RPGaDAY2018 Day 13!

Hi everyone!

Week 3 is a sequence of “Describe” questions… beginning with: Describe how your play has evolved.

My play primarily involves being a GM. I think the way I plan has changed a lot since I started creating games.

Now, while I have the option to plan sessions in endless detail, I more often give the characters 2 or 3 things to do (as guidance – a mission, or a set of objectives which are based on their personal goals) and allow them to explore the world that exists within my mind.

This isn’t a lack of planning – I would never advocate that – more an acceptance that players are going to follow unpredictable paths. If you can find a way to allow them to do whatever they like, you’ll be able to offer a huge breadth of options to them, letting them choose how to play out the story, rather than making them follow strict guidelines (“rails” is how we referred to it at university!).

– Ed