#RPGaDay2020 – Day 12: Message

Hi everyone!

What “Message” do I have for RPG creators everywhere?

I know how hard it is. You don’t get to the number of books I have published without knowing. It’s hard to put your work out there, because you think no-one will like it. Maybe people will laugh? It’s hard to bare your soul – you’re giving so much of yourself away with your book. It’s hard to know when it’s “done” enough to put out there.

My message to you is: It is worth it in the end.

If even one person plays a game you created and enjoys it, if even one person experiences something new sees the hobby in a new light as a result, you have made a genuine difference to the entire hobby, not just that person.

I don’t think anyone ever told me that when I started. I was left to go on sheer stubbornness and an eventual need to bring in at least a little money for what I had spent.

I learned so much from having my book out in the world – I did a lot wrong, too – that I was able to keep doing it.

I’m not on the path to get rich (trust me!), and it’s a hell of a lot of work, but I get to make universes come to life, on the page and in people’s minds, every year.

– Ed

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