#RPGaDay2020 – Day 22: Rare

Hi everyone!

I went back and forth on what to write about for this one. It’s not something that instantly speaks to me. However, I think it’s worth talking about those rare moments of creativity that push someone to create a universe.

Inspiration can come from literally anywhere, in my experience. I came up with an idea while walking along the street and having a Facebook chat with someone about a mundane topic. Something about the way they (or maybe even I) chose what we were going to say prompted me to build a universe and create an RPG.

One of the things about inspiration that’s rare for me, however, is you often need to be doing nothing else. I’m constantly busy (I covered that earlier in the month with “Rest”, I believe!), and often all of my brain space is subscribed to capacity with everything going on.

So, if you want to get inspired, take a break. Walk around and observe the surroundings (in a mask, please, in the current environment), pick up your favourite book, or chat about something totally irrelevant with someone.

You might be surprised how much good it does you. Only… don’t spend all of your time trying to get inspired – a lot of creating and publishing is still the hard, boring work part!

– Ed

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