#RPGaDay2020 – Day 23: Edge

Hi everyone!

What should you do when you approach the edge of giving up on your creative project?

I’ve talked about this a few times at conventions and such – it’s often hard to keep going full-tilt for weeks and months on end. Sometimes, you need to walk away.

When I get like that, I set a time on my phone – an alarm or calendar entry – for 2 weeks. Then I step away from that project and do everything I can to forget about it.

Quite often, the demoralisation happens for one of two reasons: either you don’t have the skills to proceed and you need to find someone to help you, or you have lost the project paradigm.

What should you do in those cases?

Give your subconscious time to process and realise what’s wrong; you’re too close to the project to see clearly. That’s why I walk away, but keep a timer to remind me to come back. It’s worked for me countless times, so I strongly recommend you try it.

– Ed

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