#RPGaDay2020 – Day 5: Tribute

Hi everyone!

I found another image for the RPGaDay2020 event, thanks to someone else posting. I thought it was cool, so I’m using it for this post!

Today’s topic is “Tribute”, and I think it’s a good opportunity for me to talk about something very close to my heart: credit where credit is due.

I think that the entertainment industry, in general, is awful about this (see ghostwriters and ghost art). Roleplaying Games tend to be better, especially the smaller companies, which do usually try to credit the people who did the work.

As someone who works in a variety of media (RPGs, comics, audio dramas, card games and more), I think it is vital that everyone who contributed to the final product is credited properly. I, personally, go to great lengths to ensure everyone who has contributed is mentioned – it feels like the least I can do.

If you’re a creator, I have the fond hope that you feel the same – this is not a well-payed industry relative to others, so the least you can do is ensure people can point at good work they have done in the past.

– Ed

P.S. Also, please also pay the people who help to make a product, if you are selling it!

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