#RPGaDay2020 – Days 1-3

Hi everyone!

I like to do this every year – #rpgaday2020 being the latest – and give my thoughts on various aspects of RPGs, and my experiences within the community. I’ve missed days 1 and 2 because of GenCon, so I’ll do the first three days quite briefly right here and move onto the next days properly!

Day 1: Beginning

Everyone I’ve seen posted has been about how people got started in the industry. I think most people reading this know that story already, so I thought I’d mention a new beginning.

This weekend, I did GenCon Online. I’ve never been to GenCon – I don’t have that kind of budget for convention visits, sadly! I was able to introduce several new people to the Era games for the first time, through Era: The Consortium, Era: The Chosen and Era: Forbidden. I’d like to thank all of those individuals, and I hope that it’s the “beginning” of a load more awesome players joining our little community!

Day 2: Change

Throughout my time creating Tabletop RPGs, I have gone through phases of what specific weighting interested me. From the creation of Era: The Consortium and Era: The Empowered, where I wanted to tell a towering story with every sub-genre available, to the creation of Era: Lost Legend and Era: Balam, when I was thinking about dualities, I think the core of any creative process is change.

What’s interesting you right now? Make something about that, because that will change… and that will mean your work always feels fresh.

Day 3: Thread

This word just means one thing to me, as a writer and creator – what happens when you lose the thread (of your idea / conversation / whatever)?

I struggle a lot when this happens, personally. I don’t like to try to pick up halfway through something because I was interrupted – it wastes a lot of time for me. As a result, I try to stay away from distractions: I play music to drown out the world and distractions, I go away into another room (or a corner of a room, to be more accurate!) and do my thing. I come out when I’m ready for a break, so that this space is dedicated to working.

That works for me. What works for you?

I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 4, so I’ll see you then!

– Ed

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