Shhhh! It’s Era: Silence!

Happy Monday and welcome to the first day of Era: Silence news! This will be your one stop location for everything Silence related. I’ll be here to give you updates on the process, new images to check out as well as let you know a bit more about the game itself and what you can expect.

First things first. What is Era: Silence all about?

This game centers around a group of individuals who go to a remote island and face various challenges to “earn their name” as warrior of their tribes. This is going to be a High Fantasy game where magic will run rampant on the island. It’s a bit of a departure from what we’ve done in the past but I think by now you know that we’re all about trying new things and creating unique playable experiences.

The images for the game are being worked on as we speak and I even get to share a bit with you here. I think you’ll agree, this game is already looking awesome! I’ll be back next time with more details and information about our latest Era game.


Back with more next week!

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