Six Era: The Consortium Books Unlocked! – The Oracle

With just under two weeks left to go, Era: The Consortium’s Expansion Kickstarter has just busted down the door of its next Stretch Goal. This means that everyone above the £1 level will get six books for no more than the cost of their initial support!

That’s a ton of content, but we’re not just focused on bringing you more books. Further into the Stretch Goals we offer things like character cards and equipment cards. These additional tools will generate new characters on the fly which is going to help your GM create a wide array of individuals for you to encounter. We still have time to reach this goal so please help us give it a push by sharing on your own social networks.

There’s a chance that you’re out there reading this and you’re wondering to yourself what all the fuss is about. Why are we giving out so much content for just one game? The answer is, we believe in the Consortium. Era: The Consortium has such a rich history and deep reservoir that we feel there’s so much yet to explore. We’ve gotten some great feedback from others who enjoy this game universe as well and you can check out a fabulous review from Entire Party Killed, Here.

If you’re still curious to know more before you jump into this game, then you should read Ed’s posts. He has been busy sharing details about each of our planned expansions on the Shades of Vengeance Facebook page where he breaks down all the backgrounds and gives us loads of great art so be sure to check them out.

One last mention before I leave you. I hope you’re all planning to visit with Ed and the team next weekend at MCM Comicon in London. Stop by and play some games!

That’s it for me today, I will see you next week.