Spotlight: Champion of Earth

Good afternoon!

With Christmas around the corner, we thought we’d offer you a great party game that’s bound to raise the energy in your house – one perfect for a Pre-Christmas Dinner warm-up!

Champion of Earth is a game where 1-6 players fight off an alien invasion…

But the aliens are not alone! When they start raising the Undead and bringing forth Creatures from the shadows, only the six champions have the know how (and the arsenal) to save us all!

This number-matching card game is a great co-operative fight against the deck, although you can give it a competitive edge if you wish (after all, there can only be one champion of earth!) with cards that steal trophies or make fights harder for your rivals.

You can grab your chance to save the world right here:

And, if you want to check out how to play, you can see the full game played by Ed here!

– Leo