Spotlight on Era: The Consortium 2 – The Oracle

This is it folks, the moment we’ve been waiting for. This is where all those previous Consortium Spotlight articles really come back around!

Era: The Consortium – A Universe of Expansions 2 is up and running right now on Kickstarter! Feel free to go right now and check it out, I’ll wait for you to get back…

For many years, Ed has said that the story in the Era: The Consortium rulebook is not the end – it’s just the beginning. This is our chance to unlock the next 500 years of Consortium history!

Through this Kickstarter we have the opportunity to answer questions such as:
– What happens after the Pliangrathilon’s arrival?
– What does the prophecy mean?
– Who are the two remaining Chosen Races?
– And what is the source of the installation on Sirona?

With “Era: The Consortium 2”, all these questions and many more will be (at least partially) answered – we need to save a little mystery for what happens next! It gets better – it’s an unlockable Stretch Goal in this Kickstarter.

This new, standalone rulebook will offer even more of Era: The Consortium’s richly-detailed universe allowing you to expand your game play for years to come.

In the Kickstarter itself, Ed is offering an impressive array of benefits. You can choose between more than just hardcover, paperback and digital editions: there will are collectors editions which include everything ever made for Era: The Consortium, from Time Travel Campaign Parts 1-3 and the first volume of Consortium Expansions (containing The Secret War, The Fifth Race, Rapier and A New Dawn), as well as all of the new books unlocked during the Kickstarter.

The first three expansion books available once we hit 100% funding are Free Trader, New Worlds, and Predictive Genetic Algorithm.

If you’re an Era: The Consortium fan I know you’re going to enjoy what Ed’s got planned through these next series of stories and adventures. Stick with me and I’ll keep you updated on how things are going and what’s happening next. And don’t wait to see what it’s all about, go check it out now! Here’s the link one more time:

That’s all I’ve got for today, see you again next week!