Spotlight on Era: The Empowered Comics – The Oracle

In just a few weeks Shades of Vengeance will be appearing at MCM Comicon in London with our first-ever booth inside the Comics Village. In celebration of our upcoming comic book showcase I’m going to take today and talk entirely about what we’ve already created as well as where we’re heading in the world of Era: The Empowered Comics.

As some of you might remember, our first Empowered comic was about Chris ‘Lacuna’ Jameson and his life-changing encounter with two other Empowered. In his debut comic, Lacuna learned that he had to use more than brute force to defeat some enemies and even allies sometimes come with secrets. Lacuna was our first foray into superpowered comics and we’ve been on a roll ever since!

The Blue-Shift: Frenemies comic recently completed a run through Kickstarter and has already been finished and sent out to backers. Our resident speedster has proven to be a very popular character and Ed is currently planning her next adventure. Another comic which has recently completed a successful Kickstarter event is Violete: Unstoppable. The support for this book was so fantastic that we ended up reaching the double-length goal! This means we’ll all have twice as much fun and action to enjoy.

Ed has plans to combine these three comics into a Trade Paperback which will be available for the first time at MCM Comicon! That’s just one more great reason to come visit us in the Comics Village.

Of course, no discussion of Empowered comics could be complete without talking about Penumbra, one of our mainstay characters. Penumbra already has issue #1 and #2 released which are spin-off stories involving her various heists and exploits as she roams the world of the Empowered, stealing for the highest bidder. These two titles aren’t related to each other or the storyline of the rulebook. However, there is another Penumbra comic in the works which will follow the series of Lacuna, Blue-Shift and Violete. We’re planning to lead these comics toward a fantastic crossover story for all these characters.

Things are just warming up in terms of Empowered comics and Ed has plans for many more titles, some of which will include all new characters that you haven’t seen before such as Lobo (our unempowered martial artist) and Melqart (the cybernetically-enhanced creation of a madman). There’s also another adventure on the way for Lacuna. There are plenty of reasons to love Empowered comics and we don’t plan on cutting back any time soon so stick around and I’ll keep you up to date with each book as it develops!

That’s it for today. I’ll have a quick Consortium update for you on Saturday so be sure to come back and check out where we’re heading!