A Survival Source Book is in the Works! – The Oracle

As 2016 begins the slow wind down to the next year, Ed is hard at work planning and developing some great new material. One of our projects will be a source book for Era: Survival. This book, titled The Swarm, will cover the Swarm faction in detail, giving you all you ever needed to know to get into these characters. The work has already begun and we’re hoping to have it ready for you by the first half of 2017. That will give you plenty of time to pick up the full rulebook and start getting yourself prepared. Right now you can get it as a digital, paperback or hardcover add on through the Era: The Consortium Expansion Kickstarter. The funding is 100% supported and we’re working our way through Stretch Goals which include loads of additional material so it’s worth your time to check it out!

In website news, Ed’s work on our new site is nearly complete! We’ve been living under a construction zone for a while now but you’ll be seeing some improvements very soon. Our new site doesn’t just look pretty, it also comes with some more advanced functionality. The store will now take credit cards as well as PayPal and we’ll be doing some tracking to gauge who is visiting our site. If you see a drop down menu asking you to input your year of birth, don’t worry, that’s the only piece of information it’ll gather.

That’s all I have for you today but before I leave, I’ll send you off with a Survival image: These are the individuals responsible for ensuring the Drones obey commands, Abecedaries!