Taking a Powder – The Oracle

As work on The Empowered goes into hibernation mode there won’t be much news to post. Of course, I could always prattle on about general superhero news and we could even get caught up in a lively discussion of the Batman Vs Superman debate. In case you’re wondering; Superman would win but only if it’s Christopher Reeve Superman. However, I know you haven’t come here just for that.

So, we’ve decided to quiet things down a bit for our weekly Wednesday post. Until Era: The Empowered comes back online, we won’t be using this day for news. This means that you can use your extra 10 minutes per week for something else; like doing chores, painting great works of art, or even learning a foreign language!

I’ll let you know when things start moving again. Until we do let’s just say,  “Au Revoir” for now!


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