The Secret War is Wrapping Up! – The Oracle

Our first expansion to the Consortium universe is nearing the end of production! All the images will be completed within a week or so from this post and we will start work on the Kickstarter. Ed tells me that we can expect to see the Kickstarter event up and running in the new year so you can look forward to getting your copy at that time. It’s going to be a great addition to the game but we’re not stopping there!

We have more plans for the Consortium. This first expansion, The Secret War, introduced us to Shades and Phantoms. These elite operatives assist the efforts of the Consortium or Resistance respectively and complete some of their more “hidden” objectives. This addition will also include specialized new equipment for our operatives.

There are more exciting things waiting to be developed for Era: The Consortium and we plan to bring you two more expansions after The Secret War. This next one will include an entirely new playable race which will come with unique technology (so of course the Consortium will be adapting this for fresh weapons!). The third will include a little more history, a hint at the things to come, as well as a bunch of new items that we’ve had requests to include in this game, one of them being Plasma Weapons!

(Disclaimer: if anyone thought Ed actually had his mind changed about something, you’re wrong – he had planned plasma weapons arriving at this stage from the first image made for the rulebook!)

So it’s an exciting time to get in on the Consortium and continue learning about this expanding game.

See you next week!


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