The Universe doesn’t stop here! – The Oracle

I know I’ve mentioned to you before that Ed is in the process of building out the Consortium universe to a degree even I hadn’t imagined. For those new fans who might not understand why, I’ll tell you.

Era: The Consortium is our flagship game. It was our first fully developed RPG and Ed’s passion project for years before seeing the light of day. Ed is devoted to bringing you more of this universe than any other in our roster. We keep expanding because of this background and the fact it’s just basically a massive game which deserves all the attention we give it.

Along with all the new expansions that Ed has planned we’ve also started looking at some interesting new ideas for more playable content. I’ve been spending a good portion of my time combing through the 400 some odd years of history searching for moments that we can revisit and explore. Ed’s also been in discussions with well-known writers in the industry to help flesh out and deliver a unique voice to what we’re creating.

This year is going to see an explosion of Consortium content so keep checking back as we go and I’ll give you as much detail as I’m allowed.

Until next time!

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