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Here are the facts.

Some of you… I hope most of you… know about our newest announcement for the Era: The Consortium universe. As of last week, Ed released the information that we are currently working on an expansion to the rulebook which we will be running under the name “The Secret War”. We started receiving concerned emails shortly after that post.

Most of you know that there is an event happening right now over at Marvel Universe which is coming out under an identical title. The folks at Marvel are doing a big and grandiose merging of universes and I’ve been told many things will be changing and their world will never be the same. Their editor in chief, Axel Alonso, has compared it to slapping together two pieces of pizza… “some toppings are going to drop off.” It’s true, check out this article if you don’t believe me.

I am here as an official representative for Era: The Consortium to tell you very clearly and with added punctuation: we will not be slapping this expansion together with our original rulebook like some cheese covered, meaty Italian delicacy!

Our “Secret War” has nothing at all to do with what’s happening over at Marvel. Both of us coming up with the same title is just a coincidence of awesome proportion. We considered changing it once we heard about the overlap but come on, “The Secret War”, it’s too fabulous a title not to use! This is going to be a straightforward expansion which will add to the continuation of the ongoing Consortium history. You can rest easy in the knowledge that everything which happens in the current rulebook will remain unchanged. I will keep you up to date with any and all news just as soon as I get it.

“One thing we must be certain of… this war must remain a Secret War” – Era: The Consortium – The Secret War

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