Time to Meet Your Maker! – The Oracle

Game maker, that is. In just two short weeks you’ll have a chance to meet and play with the creator of our Era games! Ed will be attending the one day gaming event at  Dragondaze in South Wales on September 19th. Do you have your tickets yet?


He will bring copies of Era: The Consortium, Era: Lyres and, of course, a collection of our indie comics. Proceeds from this event will go to benefit the Barnardos Young Carers charity; a fabulous organization that provides assistance to youth who help care for a sick or disabled relative. To help support this unique charity Ed has decided to donate copies of some of our games which will be sold for charity during the event. We will be running two tables and can’t wait to see everyone. Bring your friends or bring your grandmother, just make sure to be there!

In other Era news, you may have noticed we now have a sub-site on our main webpage for the latest Era game. As you can see we’ve just started putting it together but keep checking back because we’re hard at work and changes are coming soon!

Those of you waiting on Marked for Death Kickstarter rewards, I can tell you that once the funds are delivered to us, about a week, we can begin to get things out to you. We’re on the downhill side and things are going to start moving pretty quick!

I’ll see you next week!


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