Upcoming Consortium Expansions… – The Oracle

I mentioned last week that the Consortium hasn’t finished growing, in fact it’s only just begun! Today I’ve got some details about what you can expect with this next burst of expansions. Settle in, because there’s so much to talk about!

The Free Trader book will let you trade cargo all across the Consortium. It will cover rules and processes for carrying various types of cargo as well as getting the best prices by travelling all across the known Consortium. It will also allow you to face off against pirates and raiders, or if you’re feeling rebellious you can even join them yourself!

The Home Base book will allow players to establish their own bases. They will need to work hard to maintain their base as a safe location and it’s going to be harder than it sounds but you will have plenty of flexibility. Will you choose a spaceship, like the Wallace from Dice and Stuff, or a grounded ship such as the one from Fifth Race, or perhaps even an underground bunker like the one Keela started out protecting? The choice is yours and each one will come with its own list of challenges so choose carefully.

The Predictive Genetic Algorithm book will give players the chance to create their own alien races. What better way could there possibly be to influence the world of the Consortium than to develop your own race? This book will give you the ability assign bonuses and penalties as you see fit.

The New Worlds book will give players a chance to explore a brand new solar system in the modern era of the Consortium’s history. It is co-written by Darren Watts, a writer behind Hero, Conan and many other games. After stumbling upon a wormhole on the outskirts of the Damara system you must decide what you’re going to do. This new system could be filled with wondrous adventures or fatal challenges, it takes a brave player to explore something so uncharted.

The Resistance Handbook will provide new equipment, backgrounds, and bonuses for playing as a member of the Resistance. This huge book is going to be an absolute must-have for any Resistance unit and is co-written by the amazing Steffie de Vaan, a writer of the Vampire, Conan, 7th Sea, and many other games!

This is just a sample of the books that Ed has planned for future release. Whether you’re the kind of player who’d like to develop your own stronghold, explore the unseen wonders of a new world, or infiltrate and take down targets as a Resistance operative; you’ll have plenty to keep you busy.

As work progresses on these books I will keep you posted. Which one are you looking forward to most?

See you next week!