Upcoming Miniatures – The Oracle

As I’m sure you can tell by today’s feature image, I’m going to talk with you a little about our Consortium Miniatures project! Ed has loads of wonderful things planned for what’s coming next in the Consortium universe and one of the things we’re most excited to show you are these figures.

So far, I’ve shown you images of two Stiletto Unit operatives in their miniature forms and today I get to reveal the third. Steve Adams. This heroic leader started out in Hayden Bank working as a mid-level manager. Once his life was threatened, Steve was recruited into the Resistance and became the infamous captain of Stiletto Unit; going on to save countless lives. He and the rest of the unit are featured in many stories inside the Core Rulebook as well as a comic book and even a playable scenario that some of you may have gotten the chance to enjoy.

We’re going to be working through all of Stiletto Unit as our miniature collection grows so come back here often to see who will be next in line to become immortalized as a figurine. These miniatures will be made available at some point during the next year through Kickstarter so you’ll have a chance to get your own set just as soon as we can have them finished. We don’t have a strict timeline at the moment as we’re busy with loads of other projects, including the Home Base stories which are coming along. However, I will keep you updated just as soon as we know more!

So, this is where I leave you. Meet me back here next week for more news and updates!