Upgrading to the Newest Version – The Oracle

I know you didn’t think that we’re the kind of people who would create something and then let it sit and get dusty, right? The Consortium is as much evolving today as it was when the very first copy was printed. During the initial creation process there were bound to be some minor errors or things that Ed wished he’d done slightly different. Well, he’s doing it now for us all to enjoy.

Right now he’s doing a proofreading round on the newest print run of books which will come to be our de facto standard. This will be the version you’ll see us selling at conventions and through the website. Version 1.0.1 is even better than the original and Ed is really happy with how this update is looking. Don’t worry if you’re someone who’s already purchased a rulebook copy. You will be able to contact us for a Digital Version of v1.0.1; because we love our fans, because we love sharing our games, and ultimately it’s just the only fair thing to do!

In Secret War news; the Kickstarter will be ready to go in early January! The finishing touches are just going up now and it looks fabulous. As a special sneak peek, Ed has allowed me to show off the title GIF to all of you. It’s brilliant and I can’t wait to see it together with the finished page. There’s going to be some stunning new artwork to go with it but you’ll have to wait until January to catch a glimpse of that.


So, until next time, keep rolling!


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