Waiting on the Mail – The Oracle

After a small issue with our printed proof, I am thrilled to tell you that the Consortium Full Rulebook print edition is on its way to Ed for packaging and delivery to all our wonderful backers. I know Ed’s going to be waiting at his door; box tape and bubble wrap in hand. These first copies will be delivered to those in the U.K. initially while the U.S. copies will be coming shortly after. It’s not long now people, start inviting your friends for that first big adventure!

For those of you waiting on news for Counting Down From One I can tell you that the process is going smoothly. All the Penciling is done for the entire comic, the Inked pages are coming in now and Colouring will be completed just after that. The Lettering process is already on page 13. If everything keeps moving along like this we plan to be done fairly soon! Here’s another coloured page for you to enjoy. I’m not sure who is surprising who but they sure don’t look happy about it.


I’ll see you next week!

– A

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