We Keep Moving Forward – The Oracle

Order of the Link Digital Rulebook Primers have been sent out and should all be received by now. If you’re one of the awesome people who backed this game, make sure you’ve received your reward and thanks again for such great support!

For those who may be asking, “But, Oracle, I didn’t get in on the Kickstarter…am I forever doomed to live a life without this game?” No my friend…no you are not. Because we are a merciful company and we’d love to see Order of the Link enjoyed by as many people as humanly possible, this will be made available for sale through our online store very shortly.

Right now we’re in the process of getting the other rewards finalized. The printed proof should be in the hands of our esteemed Ed Jowett who will go through his exhaustive process of making it spectacular. If I ask really nicely, perhaps he’ll let me show you a photo when it’s farther along. Also, the Stretch Goal rewards are nearly completed and you can expect to see those 20 pre-made characters appearing on the website soon, on a sub-page under the Order of the Link site.

Our other games are all being worked on right now with special focus on Frontier which is going to get some new art. Happy Sunday everyone and keep those dice rolling!

That’s it for me!

– A

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