We Survived MCM – The Oracle

The dice have stopped rolling, the cosplay is over and all the Tokyo toys have been packed away. Welcome back!

Ed and the team had an amazing time at London’s MCM Comicon and from the photos it looks like everyone else did as well. There was a good deal of fun being had and I was told that the amazing Felicia Day autographed something for Ed and she was given a copy of Lyres to take home. I don’t know how they managed it but honestly, you can’t ask for a better day than that!

The team was lucky enough to meet with some of our amazing fans over all three days and got a chance to show off our games to a huge number of new players. The Shades of Vengeance gaming table was busting busy from opening day to closing time; running games, selling rulebooks and comics as well as chatting with all our new friends. I hope you got a chance to say hello.

Throughout the event the crowd loved our games and we got rave compliments. In fact, we sold out of Era: The Consortium entirely! Folks really enjoyed the posters, the comics and our basic Lyres rulebook which sold like face masks in a dust storm. For all of you who are new to Shades of Vengeance, who bought a rulebook and are about to embark on some fabulous RPG adventures… welcome, we’re happy to have you! Thank you to everyone who took the time and stopped by to play a game with us or just talk, you helped make the day fantastic!

Adam and the crew from Dice and Stuff had a fun time as well. They ran games during Anime North and even though they were pressed for time, still managed to get in several good sessions. Welcome to all of you from Anime North who might be joining us. We’re a fun group of people, just ask us!

That’s it for this week’s updates. I’ll catch up with you next time on more Shades of Vengeance news.

Until then!

– A

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