What to expect in 2019!

Hi everyone!

As it is the last Thursday of this year, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about the first few things you can expect to see from us in 2019. There’s some amazing stuff in here, so if you want to know what we have planned, just read on…

Era: The Consortium – 5th Anniversary

Yes, that’s right, February 2019 is the 5th anniversary of the production of Era: The Consortium’s first Core Rulebooks (and our first Kickstarter!). I can hardly believe it’s been 5 years, but I double checked!

We’ve got some extremely special things planned to celebrate, not the least of which is finally making the miniatures – which many of you have seen and admired for 6 months – available on Kickstarter (keep an eye out in February)! You will be able to choose one or more of the heroes, along with grabbing a bag of mooks. Whether you’re a painter or someone who wants to use them in the Tabletop RPG, you’re going to love Heriberto Martinez’s work on these amazing miniatures!

But that’s not all for Era: The Consortium! There are also some more expansions which are ready to go. Whether these go in the same Kickstarter or whether they come later is still a matter of debate on this end, but I think you can definitely expect a Wave 3 of Era: The Consortium expansions before too long!

Mobilisation: The Bug War #3 and DISARMed

Era: The Consortium is our longest-standing game and, as a result, it won’t surprise you to know that more is coming from the comics in this universe. We have another story to tell in the Bug War series (Mobilisation: The Bug War #3), as well as a new story (DISARMed) which is set to begin with its first issue in the early part of next year!

Those of you who know the Bug War series already will know that the Caoinedh – a massive cruiser which led the attack against the Ximians on Arawn – was destroyed by enemy forces. The effects of this are far-reaching and the fleet which is defending the wormhole from the counter-attack will definitely feel them intensely. The third installment in the Bug War series will follow a small but pivotal ship in that conflict and, in particular its first officer…

DISARMed is the story of three individuals who were left to guard a pointless scrap of nowhere, along with the huge “DISARM” mechs which offer enhanced strength and a variety of weaponry. The three soldiers there get on well, until something goes wrong, turning them against each other and leading to all-out war between them.

Era: The Empowered Comics – Volume 1, Fauna: Community, Blue-Shift #2, Violete #2

It won’t come as any surprise that we’re also working hard to continue the Era: The Empowered comics which have been welcomed by so many this year.

Firstly, we’re creating a combined book of the first three vital stories in this series – Lacuna: Revelation, Blue-Shift: Frenemies and Violete: Unstoppable. This will be made available to everyone who follows us on Kickstarter and will contain extra content, including a character description and explanation of each story in order to prepare you to move on to…

Blue-Shift #2 and Violete #2 (don’t worry, they will both have subtitles!). These stories will continue the arcs begun in the first comics for these characters.

Blue-Shift’s second comic, set about a month after the first, will work to resolve the issues between Beth and Shira which resulted from Danny being injured. Of course, the Necromancer’s boss is not pleased about his defeat at the hands of the Speedster and will be getting himself involved more closely after this humiliation…

Violete, on the other hand, has become increasingly violent after her encounter with Rampage. In the midst of trying to handle this, she meets Unnamed, a mysterious and scarred individual who can bring anyone to their knees, sobbing in terror. Working together, the two are able to curb Violete’s aggressive tendencies, but the truth about how Unnamed’s ability works is only around the corner…

Fauna: Community is a brand new hero, created by Ed Jowett (that’s me!) and written in a collaboration between him and Dorphise Jean. A superhero who prefers to avoid supervillains and large-scale conflicts, he focuses on his local community. Of course, when a supervillain arrives who intends to control him, that becomes less simple for Quinn / Fauna. This awesome story is going to be available early next year as well!

Champion of Earth Expansions

We’re not done with the Champion of Earth expansions yet. The next group to join the alien conflict has already been announced – it’s Dinosoids!

Using their hideous genetic re-combinatron, the aliens have combined the traits of dinosaurs with humans to product a cold-blooded race of killers. Resenting humans and their biological advantages, the dinosoids are utterly evil and very dangerous. The army intends to sweep across the world and destroy everything, and are a major addition to the aliens’ attack force!

Of course, with any new threat comes a new hero, so Joanna the Hunter will be joining the team, as will a large array of equipment designed to eliminate not only the Dinosoids but the other threats as well…

That’s all for now!

I can’t really go into more than this at the moment, but I hope you can see why we are so excited! With releases for most of our major titles, along with some brand new ones, 2019 is going to be a fantastic year and I hope you’ll join us on the journey!

– Ed