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It’s time for me to do a round up of all the great games we’ve helped creators to bring to life as well as those we’re currently working on with the creator! We’ve got six games in all and here they are in no particular order.

Amazing Space Adventures – Do you remember when we first started making games, oh so long ago? ASA was our pilot program and with your help we put out a classic sci-fi RPG. Just because we’re done developing it doesn’t mean we’re forgotten it. This game is still available on our website and we have plans to bring it with us to our next convention. Come ready to play!

Order of the Link – This game has raced through Kickstarter and now we’re working on delivering rewards – Ed delivered the Digital Versions yesterday! We were so excited to get everything to you that we had it all ready to go before Kickstarter was ready for us and thus the reason for a slight delay that you may have noticed. Until Kickstarter releases the funds we’re only able to order a printed proof – we need the money for printing. So here we sit, all dressed up and nowhere to go! We expect it won’t take much longer for it all to clear up and you can be looking for your Physical rewards very soon.

Marked for Death – Are you ready to try your hand at magical assassinations? Good, because we need your help. We’d like to open up a call for beta testers to anyone who might be interested in playing this unique game and giving us some honest feedback. We’re having a fun time with it and we’d love to see what you think. For a beta tester packet contact Ed Jowett; ed.jowett@era-games.com

Frontier – The team is working hard to pull this game together and they’re doing a bang up job of it right now. If you’re a fan of the Era D10 ruleset you’ll want to put this game on your watch list. Ed has put some time and effort into developing a multiple D6 rule set with a similar principle!

Defend the Planet – One of our newer games. With Ed’s help the creator has been working on game mechanics, rules, and story. They’ve made some good progress in the development of this FATE module. It’s moving along nicely and I hope to have more news to share with you soon.

Collisions – Our brand new title, fresh out of the creator’s imagination! At this point we’re going through preliminary settings and all that start up information so I don’t have much to tell you. This game will use the Era D10 ruleset and Ed will tailor it for a perfect fit.

Well, that about wraps it up. I’ll be back next week with some more news about these great games!

Until next time!

– A

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