Which Way To The Pub? – The Oracle

If you’re going to set up as a Lyre in Yarnolth there’s something very important that you’re going to need: a map. If you don’t have a map to make notes on, you’ll never remember that the baker on King’s Way promised you a loaf of day old for vanquishing that Manticore. Or that the folks on Market Square are gullible as sheep on Sunday mornings after a night of hard drinking.

Our creative team love maps! Treasure maps, terrain maps, star maps, and even the annoying paper folding road maps. It’s a marvelous way of getting to know the world you’re in. So, that’s why we’ve decided to create a map of Yarnolth, in the style of something you might find in a Lyre’s hidden pocket; complete with useful commentary.

If our Kickstarter reaches the Map of Yarnolth Stretch Goal, then everyone who’s backed us gets their own copy! If not… well, we like it so much we’re still going to make the map but it will only be available as a separate purchase through our website. Not a bad deal, but if we can make that Stretch Goal then everybody gets the benefit. Pass the word to everyone who loves a good laugh!

Keep on rolling!

– A

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