Who wants a free game? – The Oracle

Don’t crowd around now, put your hands back down and listen in close.

Shades of Vengeance is giving away a free copy of Star Realms to one lucky winner of our Facebook game giveaway event. You get an entry by doing any of the following; ‘like’ our game giveaway post, share the post or make a comment. If you do all three then you get entered three times in our random drawing which will happen next week; Tuesday February 3rd. You’d best get your hustle on because the event started yesterday! Go ahead, I know you want to do it now, I’ll wait.

In “New Game” news; I’ve found out a few more details that I can pass along to you. Last week I told you we had two creators who were considering working with us on their science fiction games. Well, we’re hoping to sign with one of them in the next week or so. This far future vision, which is pioneered by creator Brendon Geiger, will focus on a time when humanity has spread far across the universe. You will be able to explore planets, go on missions for the characters that inhabit them and take part in space races through the stars. I’m crossing all fingers and toes that this one gets the green light and I’ll let you know just as soon as I get the confirmation.

If you happened to miss our Marketing Assistant announcement, I want to mention it again. We’re still looking for someone to help us out during the May 2015 London MCM Comicon event. Check out the details and pass it along to your friends. We’d love to see you there, whether you apply or not!

One last thing before I go today: our new website styling is underway! As you move around the site you may notice that a few things here and there have already changed and there is still more to come. Keep a sharp eye out and you’ll catch some new front page slides coming soon.

Best of luck in our Facebook game giveaway event!


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