Who Would Love a Sneak Peak? – The Oracle

The Deluxe edition is ready for proofreaders. Our team of dedicated professionals have looked it over and under and sideways until they’re seeing trolls in their breakfast cereal. It’s not quite shelf ready just yet but it is time to get a new pair of eyes for a fresh read.

We’re searching specifically for someone who has the time available to give it a really proper read through. We’d like you to point out what we might have missed, where we can tighten things up a bit and return your thoughts to us within a reasonable time. Easy!

If you think you’re up to the task then send an email to Ed and let him know you’re interested and he’ll send you the latest digital version if you’re fast enough! Some minor edits will still need to be sorted but you’ll be the first to see this game before anyone else and that’s got to count for some serious bragging rights… right?

Until next time!

– A

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