Winners and the Rest of Us – The Oracle

Congratulations to the folks who won free Lyres rulebooks through the Geeky Monkey promotion! I know you’re going to have a great time with this game. Even though only a few of you got the prize I’d like you to know that you’re all still winners in my book. Thank you so much to everyone who stepped out and supported us.

Moving on to some news for the beginning of your work week. If you’re one of our amazing and generous Kickstarter backers you’ll be happy to know that Ed has sent out all digital rulebooks, session campaigns and maps of the city of Yarnolth. That should be more than enough to get you started on your first daring adventure!

Do me a favour, would you? If you’re expecting a digital reward and haven’t gotten it yet, go to that pesky little spam folder and make sure it didn’t get sucked in there by accident. If you still haven’t received your copy please send Ed a message so he can get it sorted right away.

Now that our digital version of the deluxe rulebook has been thoroughly proofread, checked and finalized it’s time to move on to printing! The UK version is already on order and a proof will be sent to Ed for final approval before getting sent out to you all. Our US copies will be just a bit behind that because Keith will need to change the layout to fit the US paper sizes. Can I get mine in jumbo wall poster size please?

I’d like to give a huge thank you to every one of our Kickstarter supporters for your ongoing patience as we work to get you the best possible product.

More news is on its way!

– A

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