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The team here at Shades of Vengeance have come up with an idea. See, we love being creative and we’d love a chance to share what we know with everyone who cares to listen. In order to do that we’ve been throwing around the idea of starting a podcast where we share our ideas, tips, tricks and anything else we think you’d like to know about the world of being creative.

I don’t have any specifics for you just yet but I’ll keep you posted when we decide where we’d like to move ahead with this. If you’ve got something you want us to talk about, drop us a line and we’ll try to include it. Helping other people join us in this wild ride of making our creative dreams come true is absolutely brilliant and we can’t wait to start sharing what we know!

Quick update on both of the Kickstarters that we have running at the moment. Counting Down From One is within its last 48 hours! Time is running out to get yourself a copy of this first full-length Consortium comic. We’ve got 15 pages looking great (a few still being lettered!) with the rest on the way. Check it out and ask your friends to take a look.

The Lyres Kickstarter is now just over 150% funded. Way to go!! We’ve got some time left on this event but don’t leave it until the last moment or you might miss your chance at this unique take on RPGs. Check out our Lyres page for details about the game and upcoming news.

That’s all folks!

– A

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