The world of Era: Survival is growing! – The Oracle

When Ed told me he was adding more detail to Era: Survival I was not surprised. Not in the least. Each of the games we’ve made have gone through incredible growth up to and even past their initial production!

Survival is a deeply intense game and I think Ed felt there was more room to bring this experience to life. So, to do that he has decided to add 3 new factions to the game! These fully developed factions will be entirely playable and help to give you some more perspective of life on Gaia. I don’t know about you but when it comes to games I feel that more detail is definitely a good thing.

In fact, this game has so much content and detail that the current working copy page count is over 200! That’s a bit more than we expected but Ed is determined to give you everything you’ll need to really get inside this world and this game.

Check back with me next week and I should have an image to show you. Ed’s told me that they’re working on the larger title page images now and hopefully one should be ready for us.

See you next time!


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