Can you feel that crawling sensation on the back of your neck? In tabletop roleplaying game Era: The Chosen our dimension of Aether is being invaded by creatures from the dark dimension of Erebus. You're one of the few Chosen - people who can see and fight back against these Anonassi. Give Era: The Chosen a try with our free quickstart guide.

The Anonassi are terrifying in form. Emerging from their home dimension of pure darkness, they cross the bridge of the Lost Lands to enter our world.

Era: The Chosen spans 100 years, from the first recorded encounter with the Anonassi and the start of the war in renaissance times, through the industrial revolution and on to the modern era.

The era you choose to play in, and which clan you choose for your character will influence the technology, weapons, and skills you get to play with.

Era: The Chosen uses our critically acclaimed Era d10 rule set along with new Terror Rules will ensure you have a smooth experience whether you're off fighting creatures or playing detective.