Adion Bridge


Adion Bridge is an outpost of civilisation in the midst of quiet farmlands and the last vestige of the same before entering the Great Forest and approaching the Death Marshes. Unlike the other cities of Yarnolth, very few individuals live here permanently. Most residents are just passing through, staying a few nights or waiting to offer mercenary services.

Adion Bridge controls the only good crossing over the river to the South of Yarnolth while still within the Kingdom. The city itself survives based on charging a toll to cross the bridge and by imposing a tax on mercenaries who sell their services to the caravans that pass through. Adion Bridge is filled with mercenaries, thieves and con-men. Any adventurer going there must be prepared and keep an eye on their belongings at all times.

Adion Bridge was founded by a young woman named Adon of Barbarian lineage, from the Eastern Lands of the Savage Tribes. She named the small town after her father, Adion, when she decided to settle down away from the Eastern plains that they call their home and join civilization.

For many years, the town was seen as a place full of outcasts; the King of Yarnolth at the time even sent a small group of soldiers to lay waste to it. However, the residents were mercenaries and barbarians and that group returned defeated and in disgrace. Before the King was able to send further troops, a petition was made by both Rengalm and Mossvale to allow Adion Bridge to remain. They had found that the roads around the area were much safer as a result of the town and that the mercenaries in the town were happy to be hired to escort caravans through the Great Forest and along the outskirts of the Death Marshes. Bandit and monster attacks on convoys had been reduced so drastically that the King agreed.

Adion Bridge is now accepted under Yarnolth law and, although it is still filled with rougher types than other cities, is seen as one of the primary cities in the Kingdom. The mercenaries provide protection to caravans as well as being the Guard.


– Viscount Frederick de Nijs – Although recently appointed, this relatively young noble is eager to “clean up” Adion Bridge and improve the tourist attraction to the city in a hope of boosting the commerce. He’s focused on proving his loyalty to the King, as his family is not fully in favour currently. You will see many wooden signboards advertising Adion Bridge’s finer points, such as “Now with 25% less stabbings”, “Our bartenders don’t have lice”, “If
you lived here you’d already be home!” and, the most popular, “Adion Bridge: a place you can almost trust”.


Adion Bridge has less than 1000 residents. However, a large amount of the buildings are inns and lodging houses for temporary accommodation. Most of the city’s population is temporary, either staying a night before embarking into the forest or waiting for the next convoy they can sell their skill to.

Laws and Customs

In Adion Bridge, stealing someone’s possessions without the owner noticing and then returning them to him is viewed as an honoured welcome. Apparently, though, if the individual’s property is observed being stolen, then it is dishonourable to return it, and the thief must run away! Therefore, it is advisable not to show you have noticed a thief if you feel them stealing all your gold.


Bandits, Southern Manticores, Wererabbits, and Vinemen can all be found in the area around Adion Bridge, making it one of the more dangerous cities in the Kingdom. Fortunately, bodyguards are readily available in the region!