Yarnolth, the Great City


Yarnolth is the capital of this realm, the seat of the King. It is a shining jewel in the hills and the centre of all the culture for everywhere south of Kojun Desert. It is well-known that the West of the Kingdom is more cultured than the East or South.

Background Yarnolth is the largest city in the Kingdom, and even beyond, nearly three times as large as the next largest. Constructed skillfully on a lone hill in the “Ups” range for maximum protection, it’s absolutely full of people and space is at a premium within the walls that surround the hill. Beyond the walls, those who cannot find a place within have built houses and inns to welcome travellers. The nearby roads are well-patrolled, even if they are not as well protected as within the walls.

History Yarnolth has a proud history. It was founded by Christopher Van Noppen, a direct ancestor of our current ruler, Ratier Van Noppen IV. He made it the seat of power for the kingdom and Yarnolth has endured and prospered since that day.

The story has been passed down generations and eager citizens will tell anyone who asks. His royal highness came upon a town with so many great troubles they did not even know how much danger they were in. He single-handedly saved them from crop-eating monsters, drought-causing dragons, and a mysterious beast who was once the cause of the sun’s disappearance. The people of Yarnolth know they owe their safety to the first King.


At certain times of the year, the nobles from each city are brought to the King’s court. At these times, all of the nobles in the land will be present in Yarnolth. However, I will list those permanently resident:
– King Ratier Van Noppen IV – A wise and just ruler, renowned for his fairness and patronage.
– Princess Ellenor Van Noppen – The King’s wife, a skeptic about some of the monsters that people claim exist outside the walls of this city, though she has not left the city in her lifetime.
– Prince James Van Noppen – The King’s only child, known as a bit of a wastrel. He is rumoured to have fads, during which he can be very supportive but then remove his support at a whim; for example, he is rumored to support a ridiculous invention which would carry away chamber pot waste through small tubes. Of course, all of these malicious rumours (spread by enemies of the crown) are totally untrue – he will be a wise king when it is time!
– Duke Leto and Duchess Eden Ter Linden – The King’s main confident and the de facto ruler of Yarnolth itself; the King only busies himself with matters which affect the entire kingdom.


Yarnolth is the largest city in the Kingdom, home to roughly 10,000 souls in the last census. Most of the people are normal individuals: tradesmen, travelling salesmen, adventurers and so on.

Laws and Customs

The laws of Yarnolth are straightforward and common sense: don’t murder, steal, lie or commit fraud and you won’t have anything to worry about. In Yarnolth, the people love stories. Many gather in the taverns at night, hoping to be regaled with tales of great adventures and danger. One custom which visitors have occasionally remarked to me is strange is the “Rotten Potato” custom. When a prisoner is being escorted by guards through the street folks line up to pelt the poor soul with potatoes. Achieving a direct hit on the prisoner without hitting a guard will bring you 7 years good luck. In this way, we also support our local potato farmers: it’s a win for everyone… except, of course, the prisoner – I have no idea why others find this custom strange.


There are no creatures within the boundaries of Yarnolth, you are totally safe, thanks to the large and dedicated Guard forces in the City. The stories of brutal beatings being meted out by the Guard are also totally untrue.