Websafe - Taranis_FinalBackground:

Taranis is the capital world of the Consortium, the seat of the Big Eight and the Senate. It is also the corporate headquarters of Hayden Bank, who own 78% of the planet, and lease many of the structures and much of the land to other companies. Massive mountain-shaped building clusters, measuring up to almost 3 km in height in places, are the preferred architecture on the planet. The most impressive examples of these are near the Senate building.

As each company in the Senate must have their official headquarters on Taranis by Consortium Law, many of the smaller companies, even ones not in the Senate, share these structures, allowing them to afford Hayden Bank’s high rent charges for space. These structures are specially designed to repel attack, using wireless hacking to infiltrate any vehicle within 100 metres, and EMP equipment and laser weaponry at closer ranges.


The planet is almost entirely urbanised, thanks to the fact there is no need for biodomes, with floating cities built over many of the oceans and other large bodies of water. There are, however, a number of large wilderness preserves, the most prominent one being Kurmaja Memorial Park, within sight of the Senate building. Legally, no buildings may to obscure Sulis rising over this park.


The population is mixed – though over 75% is Human, it is not considered unusual to see Eulutians, Ximians or Vilithii anywhere on the planet, as many are employed by companies based on Taranis.


The violent crime rate is extremely low, as the planet is thoroughly policed by Smertios Security, who are well-funded by Hayden Bank to keep the streets idyllically safe. Prostitution is legal and popular on Taranis, and many officials of all species employ the services of prostitutes of all species and genders.

Non-violent protests are legal, providing no slanderous or libellous statements are made, and the proper permit, which includes a statement about the maximum size of the gathering, is completed and accepted by Lugh Chartered Records. Gambling is legal and controlled by Hayden Bank, and betting on the outcome of stock markets is extremely popular among the population. Drugs which dull or change perception are illegal, including caffeine and alcohol.


Due to these permissions and restrictions, in particular the legality of gambling, there is a portion of the populace below the poverty line on Taranis. They live by begging and contracting for unskilled work. Due to a law passed (which was considered civic duty), each company not serving in the Senate are required to donate 0.1% of their yearly profit (up to a maximum limit) to the fund.


Technological marvels from across the Consortium are displayed, advertising the companies which invented them, on huge screens across the planet. Every convenience is available to any of the citizens with sufficient money, from personal shuttles to the latest cranial implant upgrades.

It is common to see citizens walking around talking to themselves, using implanted telecommunication equipment. Artificial birthing chambers are still available to the population if needed, maintained since the arrival of the Kurmaja. The medical care available on Taranis is widely considered the best in the Consortium.