High Quality Art FAQ

I can find artists myself, why shouldn’t I just go and do that, rather than paying you?
Completely fair question. You can.

However, we have long-standing relationships with some stunningly good artists (see http://eratheconsortium.shadesofvengeance.com/artwork/ for some examples).

We’ve also had our fair share of artists who would propose or suggest something and would then not deliver what we requested, or would attempt to charge us extra for what we had asked for. Unfortunately, there are Freelancers like that out there, and we’ve wasted some money to them over the years.

We’re offering this service because we believe we can reduce your level of headache and provide very good prices for the level of artwork you’re looking for.

We do not charge extra for dealing with the artists on your behalf.

What are your rates?

The rates vary, depending on what you’re asking for, from around $100 to around $300 or more per image.

For top-notch artwork, we have been able to get a consistently lower price than advertising publicly has achieved.

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