Professional Writers FAQ

I can write my game myself, I know it better than anyone! Why should I hire writers?

I actually felt the same way myself. I produced 60 pages which described in great detail the 500 years of history of the Consortium… but no-one could actually read it from beginning to end! There was not the level of emotional content that readers need to connect with.

The amount Era: The Consortium changed thanks to the writers who were involved was huge, and it made the game indescribably better and more real.

I, personally, recommend that you consider hiring one of our team of writers who can emotionally capture potential players.

May I see some examples of the writers’ work?

These were created for Era: The Consortium:

Sirona: The Prison by Jennifer Martin

A Simple Plan by Amy Allworden

Promotion by Johnathan “Synaid” Lewis

How much do writers cost?

Depends on the writer, obviously. Between $0.05 and $0.10 a word.

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