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I’m going to jump into things today with a little ode to the Kickstarter in my top 5 reasons why it’s just plain fabulous.

Number Five– You don’t have to be a celebrity, famously wealthy or an expert in any field. All you need is a good idea.

Number Four– It allows new thoughts and inventions to spread like an unchecked grease fire… in a good way.

Number Three– A successfully funded Kickstarter is a way more interesting first date conversation starter than, say, a list of your favorite French cheeses.

Number Two– The rewards! Don’t even get me started. If Nikola Tesla had a Kickstarter campaign what do you think he would have given out? If you said ‘laser gun’ I totally agree with you.

Number One– Kickstarter is a place where dreamers can go to support each other, to achieve what they thought impossible and share with the world all their wonderful creations.



And now, without further ado…on to this week’s updates!

We’ve just been given the title of KICKSTARTER STAFF PICK!! I’m thrilled the staff chose Order of the Link, this is a great acknowledgement of all the hard work that went into this game! Now we’ll reach even more people who are going to want to play this game.

It’s such a great feeling to see a game come full circle from the creators who start with the ideas and are bursting with creativity to all the long hours that go into making that dream come alive. Once we send out the final product and it arrives in your hands the game will have gone through so many changes, upgrades and additions to become a smooth running experience. It’s truly remarkable to get to this point.

We’re coming around the corner on our last few days with Order of the Link’s campaign. So, pass this along to friends, co-workers, relatives and sympathetic strangers. We’ve already achieved one Stretch Goal and it’s still possible for us to make that second one. We’re inching closer!

In other Kickstarter news I’m happy to announce that our comic, Counting Down From One – Part One, has just been given its very own Kickstarter. Last week I mentioned how much the team enjoyed creating the comic and it’s because of this (and the fact that we love sharing comics) that we developed a second and third comic to finish off our story!

If you missed out on a chance to grab Part One during our Era: The Consortium Kickstarter, don’t worry, the reward tiers have options for those with and without Part One. Follow along as a group of time travelers are sent into the past to assassinate one of the founding members of the Consortium. Do you think they’ll succeed?

Pass along the Kickstarter and let everyone know that we’re ready to get working on Part Two and Part Three of the comic. The story has already been written, we just need to get it finished off with some great art. If you’d like a chance at changing history yourself, take a look at our time traveler campaigns on Patreon and in our store.

I’ve got two more quick things before I leave you today. First, we’re in talks with several comic and game shops both in the US and the UK to begin carrying Shades of Vengeance games! I don’t have specifics yet but keep your eyes peeled and you may just see us show up at a store near you.

Last but not least, I was just informed that we have filled our Game Developer position! Congratulations and welcome aboard. Though he’s only recently started with us we can tell that he’s filled with pluck, ambition and enthusiasm which we can not wait to start utilizing!

That’s it for now, until next time!

– A

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