Aging like a Fine Wine – The Oracle

All the best things take time, ask anybody. Granted we do seem to have hit a brief delay but it’s nothing we can’t blast our way through with a little well placed explosives, right Ed?

What I’m talking about is the small matter of our Digital Rulebook layout delay. We had hoped to get the finished product out clearly ahead of schedule and now we’re going to have to settle for getting it out on time. We don’t want to send out an inferior product and I think you’d agree. We still plan to have it finished in the very near future, so keep a watch out for that announcement.

In better news; Counting Down From One – Part One is finished! The ink is drying and it all looks fabulous. I don’t have details on exactly when this will be sent out to backers but you won’t have a long wait. This comic has been great fun and we are really hoping to continue on with this story in the near future. What do you think, would you like to read more Consortium comics? Let us know on Facebook!

While everything seems to be tying up when it comes to the rulebook and the comic, Ed is busy doing a bit of extermination. The developers for our Character Creation Application have delivered a good working prototype. However, Ed is finding a few bugs that need to be sprayed. We’re hopeful that this can all be sorted and a finished version sent out to backers shortly after the Rulebooks are finished.

Before I leave you for today, I want to mention that we have a new Patreon Campaign Session. We’re on Session 11, which encompasses First Contact with the Eulutians, a full 30 years before it’s set to happen in the history books! What does this mean for the Consortium? Are humans ready to meet their first alien species and who will their contact be? This is your chance to shape the future of the Consortium. Reminder that our previous sessions are still available at the store; they come in 5 session packs and are entirely Gluten Free.

Keep those dice rolling!

– A

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