Anatomy of an Expansion – The Oracle

The Secret War is moving on to the Layout stage of development and I’m here to let you in on what you can expect to find. Keith, the artist behind the layout of our original book, has finished nearly all of the art for the expansion and is currently working on the details of putting the whole thing together.

If you’ve got a copy of the original Era: The Consortium rulebook then this should all look pretty familiar. We’ll have separate sections for Story, Character Creation, Equipment and a GM section. Of course, there won’t be changes in the rules for the expansion! If you don’t have a copy of the Core Rulebook for the game you can head over to either our current Kickstarter or to our online store to pick up a copy.

Ed is ready to tell you all that our goal is to have this expansion ready and out to its own Kickstarter within the first quarter of 2016. If everything keeps heading in this direction we should make it, no problem!!

That’s all for this week, see you next time!


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