Another Figure In The Consortium Miniatures – The Oracle

Today’s featured image showcases Zeelaay, the Stiletto unit pilot and heavy weapons expert. This grim-faced warrior was the first to garner Steve Adam’s respect for his discipline and skill. What Zeelaay lacks in small talk, he more than makes up for in combat knowledge and sheer determination. He prefers to let his rocket launcher do the talking.

You can find Zeelaay’s miniature along with all the rest of Stiletto unit at our booth in MCM! We’re inside N4 and we’re stand 930 for games. You can also check out our new booth at the Comics Village where we’re at stand Q9. If you go straight in from N2, we’ll be right in front of you! We’ll have all our Empowered and Consortium comics available as well as our newly-released Violete comic. We have so much to check out so definitely stop by and see us!

That’s all I have for today. I’ll see you again next week where we’ll be gearing up for the UKGE event!