A Brand New Comic Is Coming – The Oracle

Comics are a great way to get inside the world of an RPG and we love creating them! Ed and a few of our writers are expanding our Era: The Consortium comic collection. They are currently working on a story that details the history of Hai-Xang Hayden, one of the most influential leaders of Hayden Bank. I can’t tell you much about the story but looking at the images Ed’s given us I dare say that she was a bit of a handful. We’ll just have to wait to find out more.

For those of you waiting on Kickstarter rewards, you’ll be happy to hear that work is almost complete on the Fifth Race, Rapier, and A New Dawn. Ed is expecting to send them out when the money comes in from the Kickstarter which should be in about another week. The Time Travel 1 book is currently with the proofreaders so that one should be wrapping up soon as well. Not long to wait now!

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Here are a few images of our in-progress comic. It looks like Hai-Xang certainly kept her governess on her toes!



That’s it for me today, I’ll see you all back here next Thursday!