Burning the Candle – The Oracle

I’ve always loved the expression, “burning the candle at both ends”. I imagine someone carefully trying to hold a white wax taper in the very center while the flames are melting it away from each side. I’ll have to ask Ed and Keith if that’s what they feel like right about now.

Things are heating up in the world of The Empowered. Both Ed and Keith are working hard to complete this game in time for its full debut at MCM Comicon in London. The proofreaders are already lined up and it’s looking great. The master plan is to have everything finished to the point where we can bring physical copies of the primer. I think we can do it!

We’ve got until October 23rd to make it happen so they’re hammering as fast as they can. I’m told they’re going to lock themselves in a small room with motivational music for 10 days and see what happens. Good luck guys!

I’ll let you know how it went next week!


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