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I said we’d be bringing our games to a neighborhood near you and I’m thrilled to tell you that we’ve already planned our next event! So, what are you doing this Saturday?

Ed is going to be at JoyJam, the totally and completely free Micro-Expo at Bethnal Green in East London at The Pickle Factory. Come join us for a game!

He’s going to be running game sessions from 2pm until 7pm so there’s lots of time to make it down. You can expect to play all our well-known Era sessions such as; Last Stand of Stiletto Unit and Counting Down From One.

But hold on to your hat, because Ed is also going to be running at least one session of Order of the Link. If you want to get your hands on some real-time game experience with this popular title you should definitely plan to stop by!

For those of you who already know you love the game but just want a rulebook we’ll also have some on hand. There will be print copies of Era: The Consortium, Era: Lyres and Order of the Link. However, we’re only bringing a limited number of rulebooks so get there early to claim yours!

Did I mention this event is only happening for one afternoon? Cancel whatever it is you were going to do and get yourself down to JoyJam. We’d love to see you there!

Until next time!

– A

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