Consortium Expansion Spotlight: Predictive Genetic Algorithm – The Oracle

“It is easy, with the Consortium’s technology, to see genetically alter versions of the races present… or even to create entirely new species. That someone would use them as shock troops is… abhorrent, at best: created in a lab or not, these are Sentient Beings!”
– Gueya, CEO of Gaia Adaptation and Adjustment

This week I have the pleasure of introducing you to our second Consortium Expansion book in the upcoming Kickstarter release. Last week I showed you how fun piracy could be, today I’m going to convince you that gene modifications can also be fun.

Have you ever wondered what changing the boosts and penalties would do for a Ximian? Now you’ll have your chance to do just that and plenty more with the Predictive Genetic Algorithm book. This book will give you everything you need to mix, match, and create your very own alien races.

The Predictive Genetic Algorithm book uses specially designed rules to provide a framework that helps you invent new races! You will be able to add new abilities such as instant shapeshifting, racial memory, and many more. You can also explore new penalties such as Feared, along with adding some interesting features to your new alien, you can also adjust their basic stats.

The freedom to create is only limited by your own imagination! We’re going to give you all the tools you need to invent a well-balanced alien race of your own. What you do next is up to you…

That’s it for this week’s Consortium news. Head back here next week to catch a glimpse of what’s happening in the Consortium and all the other Shades of Vengeance worlds.