Consortium Expansion Spotlight: Sirona Specials – The Oracle

It’s time once again to get an inside look at what’s coming at you for our next Consortium Expansion series. This time I’m talking about a place where the atmosphere is as lethal as the company. The prison planet of Sirona isn’t the first stop on anyone’s tour bus but it’s where we’re going to take you for our next book.

As you might remember, placement on Sirona is reserved for only the worst of the Consortium’s offenders. You will be among murderers, hackers, pirates and the like who all have a serious record to their name. They also have some unique skills with a lot of potential uses! Crone Correction, the managing company on Sirona, isn’t about to let any of those resources go to waste as they use your skills to gain power within the Consortium. This means that you’ll be keeping busy while spending out your sentence… along with a likely lengthening of your life expectancy if you can complete the missions.

In this “Suicide Squad meets the Canaries of Red Dwarf” style book, the campaign is going to follow prisoners assigned to Sirona as they complete various missions. Unlike other scenarios, this prison-specific book will focus on your party’s attempts to gain privileges within the system; risking life and limb on and off world for added benefits on this merciless world. What would you do for a little extra comfort on Sirona?

Not quite sure what Red Dwarf is? Check out this link to get an idea of what I’m talking about… [ ]

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