Empty Shell – Era: The Consortium Novel on Kickstarter now! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shadesofvengeance/empty-shell?ref=9xij42

Hi everyone!

I’ve just finished a novel in the Consortium universe and you can join us now to bring this story to life on Kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shadesofvengeance/empty-shell?ref=9xij42

Earth is a distant memory, almost two thousand years passed. Humans and aliens in Empty Shell exist in an interstellar society called the Consortium. The rules and traditions are imposed by the powers on the various worlds that make up Senate and the Big Eight companies.

On Belisama, where our story begins, one of the Big Eight rules: Gaia Adaptation and Adjustment. But concerns are beginning to grow in the mind of one of the executives that corruption has taken root. Rather than mobilise internal investigation, she chooses to call on an outsider whom she has worked with before.

Enter Diego Herrera, a dedicated, neurodiverse detective who likes solving problems… and has a few problems of his own!

Together with a group that collects along the way – an incredibly intelligent alien intern who is misunderstood by her human parents, an outwardly pleasant agent of Internal Operations with a secret, and a smuggler captain with a history who grows plants throughout his ship – Diego’s job to solve the crimes that have taken place lead him across the Consortium and allow him to glimpse a big change that’s coming to everyone who lives within it…

A 370-page Science Fiction novel! If you like Star Trek, Firefly, Dune, the Vatta’s War series by Elizabeth Moon, Mass Effect, or other Sci-Fi Adventure stories, we know you’ll love Empty Shell!

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