Era: The Consortium Definitive Edition Rulebook is delivered! – The Oracle

It’s been a fun and fantastic process working with the team to develop and deliver these Consortium Expansion books. Now that the Definitive Edition has been delivered to all backers and will be available on our Store page soon, we are down to just one book remaining.

resistance essus_Johnathan - small

Revival is currently with the proofreaders and Ed expects that it should be wrapping up soon as well. We’re very excited to bring you these in-depth looks at the Consortium universe. Thank you once more to every one of our supporters. It’s because of you that this game has gotten the chance to really grow. Now we can move on to expanding it even further!

Is there a question that you’d like to ask us but just can’t bring yourself to write an email? Why not come and see us in person! If you’d like to visit with Ed and ask him your burning questions, give us some advice on where you’d like the Consortium to be heading next, or sit down and play the game with us, you’ve got two opportunities coming up very soon. Don’t miss this chance to meet us!

MCM Comicon in London [ ] is happening May 26-28th. You can find us at booth #722.

We will also be appearing at UKGE [ ] at booth #F16 from June 2nd-4th.

Feel free to send us a shout when you’ve received your Definitive Edition book, we love to know what our fans are thinking. That’s all for me today, I’ll see you again next week!