Era: The Consortium Kickstarter Playtest Packet

Hi everyone!

So… we’ve had quite a few requests for a playtest packet so people can take a look at the rules and have a go at a session.

And, because you’re all wonderful people and we want to give you what you want to see in order to understand the game better we have, indeed, decided to give out a playtest packet on our Kickstarter.

This contains enough to play the game once, with 5 players, but it shows only some of the rules and does not cover more than a small fraction of the equipment and weaponry in the full game. That said, it’s representative enough to give you an idea of what you’re getting rules-wise, and we’ve included some artwork for you.

The session is the Last Stand of Stiletto Unit. We chose this one for two reasons:

  • Because we actually run this session at conventions – we felt that those people who aren’t able to join us deserved to have a chance at the same scenario!
  • Because this is one of the most important moments in the Consortium’s history – we wrote a comic about these people for a reason!

Please comment on the packet here, feel free to ask any questions you have.

And most of all, please enjoy the game!

– Ed

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