Era: The Consortium – Revival Expansion now available on DriveThruRPG!

Hi everyone!

Era: The Consortium offers all genres of Sci-Fi and none of the material we’ve created for it show that better than Revival!

Revival is now out on DriveThruRPG!–Revival

This 150-page expansion is a labour of love by myself and Johnathan Lewis. In the vein of games such as Alien and Dead Space, Revival brings the team aboard an adrift ship, which turns out to be full of creatures.

Fight your way through the Sadoko’s interior, shown by maps in this full-colour expansion, play with Survival Horror rules which limit your ammunition and force you to create makeshift weapons as you go, and discover the true secret behind the Sadoko.

Will you survive?

Find out with Era: The Consortium – Revival:–Revival

– Ed